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 Increasing Your Business Sales And Profitability

UK Services - Supplying Fractional "SMART" Part Time Sales and Marketing Experts

Non UK Services - Taking Dynamic Businesses to the UK market



Working with Dynamic and successful businesses, our services have a common theme of providing growth and profitability

of our client's organisations, through the application of innovative and dynamic strategies, and action.

All of our services are judged and measured on their ability to provide a significant Return On Investment.

We like it that way, and so do our professional & demanding clients.

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Consultancy for Business Leaders

Working with Key Director or Senior management to affect change

Interim Directorship

Providing temporary operational cover at director level

Project Based Consultancy

Targeted at specific project objectives, business issues and efficiencies

Commercial Negotiations

Support direct, or in direct, negotiations to fulfil client strategies  


Marketing Development & Consumer Brand Development Services


New Business Development

Project, Retained or Partnership structured acquisition of new business


The Goal

“Business today demands more of its leaders, staff and partners than ever before” – and so it has always been thus. If you think your business challenges are tough today, just wait until tomorrow.

Alt-h has developed a philosophy of business, for business, that contends that there is always a “way” to improve performance, bottom line, productivity, market share, efficacy and total return.  The “way” may involve a holistic approach, or it may be a small precision strike – but the answers will always lie within the current business resources and the current business leadership.

Alt-h will provide the catalyst, the innovation and the energy to help its clients move forward at a pace beyond their expectations, and not only meet their challenges and imperatives, but surpass them at both organisational and personal levels. Whilst we appreciate the fundamental and overriding need for a business to deliver exceptional profitability, we do passionately believe that a business should also provide an outlet for the human spirit of endeavour, creativity and fulfilment – where ever it is possible to positively mesh both organisation and personal outcomes.

“Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me”
— Steve Jobs

“There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction”
— John F Kennedy

Experience applied  

Alt-h will bring decades of real business experience, real winning strategies and proven systematic analytics to bear upon your problems, your issues and your objectives. Working at the highest level with many of the world’s leaders in commerce and consumer facing organisations, and conversely working within SME organisations that face different issues often due to massive constraints upon resources and manpower. The theme is the same, to identify the “winning” strategy, the most effective tactics, to make things happen and deliver value, benefit, growth, and fulfilment to all. Working within your own structure and offices, or based away in silo, We will deliver fast solutions, to agreed and well defined parameters, and above all “make things happen”.


Alt-h and our beliefs.  We believe that all business organisations, at whatever stage of their life cycle, from start up to mature dominant, will benefit from intelligent, considered and smart analysis of their processes. Whether a brand DNA, or a marketing proposition –  Or a commercial strategy, or its new business pipeline – Or sourcing of product or marketing collateral. Whatever the area of the client’s business functions, improved performance can be gained by objective and impartial investigation, formulation and then application of new strategies. Alt-h can and will supply the analysis, the new strategy, the implementation and long term maintenance – or any part of this process, where relevant and applicable to the clients greatest benefit.   We also believe that all organisations – from global corporations to start up SME’s, have rigidly defined limited resources, and as such all solutions, strategies, implementations and their associated costs must work within those constraints, not to do so breaks from the real world and destroys business logic.

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“The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.”
— Vince Lombardi

“The wise man doesn’t give the right answers, he poses the right questions.”
— Claude Levi-Strauss


Alt-h and our approach.  To help we must first comprehend, and to comprehend we must know the reality of any situation. With the framework of confidential NDA’s we require disclosure of all pertinent detail, otherwise we risk wasting our clients time, money and failing to make things happen.  We will also challenge robustly the leadership and associated management on all aspects of their work, continuously testing the voracity of any claim, any assumption and any currently adopted “norm” of behaviour. Our experience has demonstrated beyond any doubt that all successful leaders and business cultures do not fear the truth, and willingly adopt better strategies, from whatever source. Alt-h will respect all stakeholders and approach all issues with an air of collaboration and the tools of diplomacy, but inevitably most solutions will require, at first, frank exchange that will seek the reality, ignore ego and applaud strong commercial logic.  During such a process it becomes clear as to why Alt-h, with its independent status, can achieve far more than incumbent management. This approach will yield positive change, spectacular development and success for all – “making things happen”.


Our approach to confidentiality is one of total commitment, and as all of our past projects are bespoke and highly specialised, even employing anonymity of the client, we would still risk indirect identification by publication of case study detail. As such we prefer to discus relevant portfolio history on a one to one basis with clients and prospective clients. Below is just a snapshot of some of the organisations Alt-h officers have worked with, or within, to affect change and "Make Things Happen". We neither confirm or imply any endorsement by the following organisations of Alt-h and its services, but merely demonstrate the width and variety of past professional experience and exposure to "best practice" and winning strategies.